गौरी लंकेश की हत्या होते ही देश में मृतप्राय पड़े वामपन्थी संगठन, इसी आसरे जिन्दा होने की कोशिश में लग गए हैं। ठीक है कि गौरी लंकेश वामपन्थी कार्यकर्ता थीं। लेकिन, वो एक पत्रिका निकाल रहीं थीं। उनके हत्यारों को सजा दिलाने की लड़ाई के समय राजनीतिक बढ़त लेने की ये कोशिश खतरनाक है।

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Omprakash kurmi · September 7, 2017 at 6:10 am

I saw you debating last night, Harsh, what I feel is that blaming Narendra modi for this is just a bull shit, Our prime minister is no doubt a proud Hindu but has equal respect for all communities,being in power dose not mean having control on every individual,if this was true Mrs Indira Gandhi and Rajeev gandhi would not have been assassinated,if u take my opinion some of Gauri lankesh’s foolish steps to prove herself “out of crowd”may be one of the reasons of her murder, u may not b Hindu but u have no right to criticize the real aspects of Hinduism where majority belongs to the said community……..i will also request few journalists not to adopt the illegal path to popularity since ur path is followed by many, we all know the real threat to our nation today which can not be encouraged at any cost… Thanks

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